Sample Release Reagent

Sample Release Reagent

              Product Description

      Sample release reagents use protein denaturants and biochemical reagents to quickly destroy protein structures  and release nucleic acids. The sample release reagent is suitable for the preservation, inactivation, lysis  the  virus  samples and  release the nucleic acid. The released DNA or RNA is  directly used as a PCR template for amplification  without heating or nucleic acid extraction.


              Key Features 

1. Compared with the traditional manual extraction method, the sample release reagent has the advantages of  simple operation, rapid processing and high flux;

2. Compared with the automatic nucleic acid extraction method, the sample release reagent has the same processing flux, but it does not need to be equipped with an extraction system which saves the space and  improves the efficiency.

                Storage & Expiration Date 

                This kit expires in 12 months when stored at -20 ± 5℃ and in prevention of light. 

ProductSpecsITEM No.Description
Sample Release Reagent

100 tests/kit

20 tests/kit

R031-02The main components are Nucleic acid release reagent and RNA protectant


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