Total Solution of Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Nucleic Acid Detection

Total Solution of Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV 

Nucleic  Acid Detection

Uni-medica provides a high-throughput and rapid solution for screening and detecting COVID-19  during medical observation and in suspected population. It includes: 

· Disposable Virus Sampling Kits. 

· Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction System( Extractor & Kits). 

· Real Time PCR Amplification System.


        Ordering Information


SpecsITEM No.Description

Real Time PCR Kit for Novel Coronavirus 

2019-nCoV (ORF1ab, N)

50 tests/kit


Analytes: ORF1ab, N gene 

and Internal control

Real Time PCR Kit for Novel Coronavirus 

2019-nCoV (ORF1ab, N, E)

50 tests/kitR034

Analytes: ORF1ab, N, E gene 

and Internal control

Freeza-Dried Real Time PCR Kit for  Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV (ORF1ab,N)48 tests/kitR030-04

Analytes: ORF1ab,N gene and

 Internal control

Multiplex Real Time PCR Kit for 

Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV

 /Influenza A/Influenza B

50 tests/kit


Analytes: COVID-19,

 Influenza A, Influenza B 

and Internal control

Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagent64 tests/kitR025-02Saliva samples, Sputum, 

Nasopharyngeal swabs, 

Oropharyngeal swabs, 

Bronchoalveolar lavage

 liquid(BALF), Blood serum 

and plasma

96 tests/kitR025-03
100 tests/kitR024-03
300 tests/kitR024-04

Sample Release Reagent

100 tests/kit


Lysing the virus samples 

and Release the nucleic acid

Disposable Virus Sampling Tube

50 pcs/kit


PP fiber swabs and Virus 

sampling tube

Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor



Flux: 1~32 samples 

Extraction time: 10 minutes

Automatic Nucleic Acid ExtractorNFAST 96/

Flux: 1~96 samples 

Extraction time: 13 minutes

Real Time Fluorescence 

Quantitative PCR System



Flux: 1~96 samples 

Extraction time: 1.5 hours

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